About NOW

This EP was created thanks to our winning in Czech Music export competition called Czeching, held by radio Český Rozhlas.

We were invited to record our new tracks in legendary Studio “A” in Karlín, Prague and as a bonus it comes out on vinyl, which was our dream since day 1.

This 5 - Track EP called NOW is reflecting ourselves few months after we released our debut album “YET” and we wanted to continue the work, but even in a more progressive way than ever.

All tracks composed by Jakub Strach & Václav Rouček, All vocals and lyrics by Václav Rouček. Strings in ‘Now’ by Kvintesence Quartet (Milan Jakeš, Vladan Malinjak, Šimon Marek, Anton Čonka) and arranged by Jan Šikl . Saxophone in ‘AM’ and by Radimo. Mastered by Tomáš Sochůrek at Studio Jižák. Český rozhlas: Music Director and guitar in `Rain`: Jiří Šimek, Sound engineer: Karel Fisl. Recorded at Český Rozhlas, Studio A, 2015.

Watch “Rain” Video

Thank you

We thank MARY C for nominating our track ‘Yet’ to the competition. Because of it we`ve got the unique chance to record this album. Thanks to Iva Jonášová, Stano Zima the Czeching project team. And of course our families, loved ones and fans.

Slashlove </3